Welcome to e-gov.am! This website brings together the electronic governance tools and databases of the Armenian state agencies as well as provides comfortable environment for their use.

Send a Letter to the Government

This section enables you to express an opinion or file a complaint.

Track Your Letter

Your submission to the Government will be processed in a transparent manner. Track your application and see the official to whom it has been assigned.

Government Decrees

This database contains decrees signed by the Government, as well as Protocol Decrees, adopted at the Government Session.

Prime Minister’s Decrees

View decrees approved by the Prime Minister.

Government Session Agenda

This section contains drafts decrees to be discussed during the Government's upcoming session.

Apply for your license

Use this system to submit an application for performing different actions related to your license (to obtain, restate, void or terminate a license, etc.)

  • Facilities

    Apply online for a licence

  • Key Benefits

    Submit your application online and save time.

  • Innovations

    Apply online using an e-signature
    Track your application

Licensed persons' reports

The Report Acceptance System for licensed persons enables the submission of reports of various activities online

  • Facilities

    Submission of licensed persons' reports online

  • Main advantages

    Submit your report online and save time, no need to visit any regulatory body for report submission

State Electronic Payment System

The Electronic Payment System gives you the opportunity to make online payments charged for the state fees, local duties, the administrative penalties or services provided by state and local self-government bodies.

  • Facilities and Benefits

    Payment made via ArCa or Master credit cards, as well as via ArCa virtual card.

Electronic system of the Real Property Cadastre

Use this system to submit an application for registration real property.


Your submission to the State committee of the real property cadastre will be processed in a transparent manner.

Unified website for publication of legal acts drafts

Drafts of legal acts have developed by the state agencies of RA are placed on the unified website designed especially for their publication and public discussions. The website enables to search for and familiarize with the contents of legal acts' drafts, follow their further progress, and become engaged in the relevant public discussions.The registered users will be able to present suggestions, get acquainted with the concluding paper of the suggestions, including the accepted suggestions or the justifications for not accepted suggestions.

  • Benefits

    Opportunity to electronically participate in the legislative activities of the state.

  • Main advantages

    Informing the public about the most important legal acts' drafts, enabling the interested parties to follow and participate in drafting process.

  • Innovations

    Opportunity to express opinions electronically on the legal acts' drafts.

Unified portal for online requests

With the help of unified portal for online requests, citizens can submit an online application, request or complaint to the state body that possesses information, and receive an online answer within the specified timeframe.

The launch of the electronic platform will promote access to freedom of information, saving time and resources for both the state and citizens, and making the relationships with state bodies more informative and simple.

The creation of electronic innovation tools along with paperwork will help to reduce administrative and corruption risks.

  • Facilities

    Submit an online application, request or complaint to the state body

    Track the application, request or complaint process

    Select the method of notification of the response (e-mail, through the site, paper version)

    Answer the question presented on the site and generate statistics based on the content and timing of responses, thereby contributing to the accountability and quality of state bodies

Register business on-line

This system enables to register an entity in minutes - using the one stop principle. It also allows users to view information on registered entities.

  • Facilities and Benefits

    Electronic registration

    Submit your application electronically

    Track your application

    Obtain information on entities

Judicial information system

This system allows to find cases, search for Laws of the Republic of Armenia, as well as to follow the timetable of court hearings, etc.

  • The advantages of the system are:

    The possibility to search similar cases

    Information about the place and time of court hearings

    For effective processing of payment order claims the system avails the opportunity of online case filing, following the further proceedings and sending necessary documents to the court online.

Online notification portal

Submit public notifications using this website to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

  • Facilities and Benefits

    Saves time

    Enables search for other announcements

    Subscribe to receive new announcements

National Gallery of Armenia's Collection database

The cultural heritage of the Armenian National Gallery is now available for viewing online. The masterpieces are represented in through photos with relevant annotations, indicating the name of the artist, the era and other descriptive data.

  • Facilities and benefits

    Working hours of the Gallery



    Search the Gallery

    View cultural pieces kept in the storage

The outcomes of the supervisory activities realised by the Control Chamber of the Republic of Armenia

For the purposes of implementation of public and transparent governance, this section has been created to reveal information about the activities of the Control Chamber, registered flaws in regard to those activities as well as measures taken for their elimination.

  • Opportunities

    to get aquainted with the unveiling problems ; privision of transparency.

Single source procurement disclosure

This section, designed to ensure public and transparent governance, shows procurements by state agencies from one source.

SNCO financing disclosure

View the funding provided to state noncommercial organizations.

Follow up the Governmental expenditures

This tool enables you to study the budget of the Republic of Armenia including current fiscal changes by sections, groups, classes and expenditure lines.

  • Facilities

    View budget income and expenditures online

  • Key Benefits

    A simple and convenient way to browse the state budget

  • Innovations

    View details of budget funded agreements

Electronic Tax Filing

This tool simplifies tax filing for both tax payers and tax officials by automating the preparation, checking and by online transfer of tax reports.

  • Facilities

    Temporary storage of reports, registration and archive

  • Key Benefits

    Online tax filing

    Restrains possible corruption risks

    Saves time

  • Innovations

    Electronic filing without one-to-one communication

Fill your intellectual property application

This system facilitates online submission of patent and trademark applications.

  • Facilities

    Register your intellectual property quickly and easily

  • Key Benefits

    Trustworthy, time saving, convenient

  • Innovations

    Submit applications electronically

Information Search System of the Intellectual Property Agency

The information search system of the Intellectual Property Agency enables search in the databases of industrial designs, brand names, inventions, utility models, and tradmarks. See the tutorial on how to search for specific information using this system.

Electronic auction system of the compulsory enforcement service

You can use an electronic auction system for alienable property sales by the Compulsory Enforcement Service of the Republic of Armenia.

  • Facilities and Benefits


    Opportunity for mutually beneficial transaction

    Restrains possible corruption risks

Legal information system of the Republic of Armenia

A comprehensive electronic database of legal acts of the Republic of Armenia enables a user to get familiar with the Armenian legislation ranging from international treaties to the decisions adopted by the local councils.

  • Facilities and Benefits

    Search by date of adoption, by the adopting body, and by the ID code of the legal act

    Saves time

    Comprehensive information

Get your entry visa

This tool simplifies the process of obtaining a visa. Visas are issued within two days.

  • Facilities

    Obtain a visa in absentia

  • Key Benefits

    Save time and obtain an e-visa conveniently

  • Innovation

    Pay online to obtain an e-visa

Get your electronic signature

An electronic signature is a unique sequence of digital symbols attached to an electronic document and used to identify the signer and to protect the electronic document from forgery and tampering.

  • To obtain an e-signature you must:

    - Read the agreement
    - Pay the fee as specified in the agreement
    - Complete and send your application via e-mail, and check the electronic feedback information
    - Visit the electronic filing service center to sign the agreement.

Registers and tables

In this section you can find some registers of public administration bodies and other information.

  • Facilities

    - Register of hazardous production facilities

    - List of agricultural loans beneficiaries subsidized by State with the 8-10% interest rate

    - References on subsoil resources